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Virtual Season 4 (Necessary Roughness)

Dearest Necessary Roughness Fans,

Since there's no guarantee that we'll get a season 4, I (ShapedChocolate), Ktizzlemclovin, Lady_Aleena, and OneBAmomma have decided to come up with a virtual season 4. We hope you enjoy it.

All episode synopsis' are subjected to change. Will be posting more information as we work through the planning stages. 


4.1 -“Have a Conscience”- Dani and Nico are intercepted by Agent Bennet; TK takes notice of the new wide receiver that has joined the team. Abby makes changes to V3.
4.2 -“In Your Light" - The doctor is in! Although a little jet lagged from a recent rendezvous to Barcelona, Dani takes on a children’s book author, who had been photographed coming out of an abortion clinic.
4.3- “Ain’t It Fun ”- Dani and Nico discuss their relationship. TK continues to work with the rookie player and bonds more with his teammates.  
4.4- “Mirrored Image" When  twin entrepreneur sisters start coming head to head with each other, Dani must figure out the reason why.
4.5- “Pushing the Boundaries" -A shut-in is having trouble leaving his neighborhood for a new job.
4.6- “Devoted Dreams" - TK sneaks Rex to see Dani, when he finds out that the Hawks are about to fall apart. 
4.7 “When One Door Opens" - A former patient seeks Dani’s help.
4.8 “Run Away”- A successful client has suppressed the fact that she was abused for years before running away and disappearing. When she reappears, she could put Dani in harms way. 
4.9 “Hardball”
4.10 “Make It Count”
4.11 "Overdrive"
4.12  ”Good Grief”
4.13 “Rough Destruction”
4.14 “Matter of Time”
4.15 “Right About Now”
4.16 “Wildfire”

Saturday, August 17, 2013

"All This Time" Character List

All This Time is the sequel to May I.  Spoilers are up ahead... so please read May I first before beginning the sequel. Each time a chapter is updated, I'll try to keep the character list updated as well.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Necessary Roughness Soundtrack

Last Updated 9/2/13

Compiled by Shapedchocolate, Lady_AleenaOneBAmomma ktizzlemclovin
  • Hungry Like the Wolf-- Duran Duran // I chose this song because Nico has always proved himself to be the protector in every situation. 
  • Hungry Eyes- Eric Carmen (Dani/Nico) // Isn't it obvious that both Dani and Nico have hungry eyes for each other?  
  • Hot Blooded- Foreigner - Dani/Nico
  • Give Me a Reason- The Corrs  - Dani/Nico
  • Next to Me- Emeli Sande Dani/Nico
  • Come and Get It- Selena Gomez Dani/Nico
  • Temple- Beverly Klass // She can see Dani and Nico dancing to this song at the end of an episode-
  • You're The One That I Want- Olivia Newton John// John Travolta- Dani/Nico 
  • Come Back Home-Matthew Mayfield - Dani/Nico
  • Element- Matthew Mayfield- Dani/Nico
  • Hopelessly Devoted To YouOlivia Newton John// John Travolta- Dani/Nico 
  • Love is a Battlefield- Pat Benatar Dani Nico 
  • Brave- Sara Bareilles - Paloma // Instead of staying quiet, Paloma stood up to Troy :) 
  • Woman- Delta Goodrem - Dani/Nico // Pre breakup  
  • Blind- Ke$ha -Dani // More specifically when Dani's then husband cheated on her and she was throwing all his clothes and things out the window.
  • All At Once- The Fray - Dani/ Nico  
  • Count On Me- Mat Kearney- Dani/Nico
  • Glad You Came- The Wanted- Dani/Nico
  • Umbrella- Train- Dani/Nico
  • Parachute- Train- Dani/Nico 
  • Holding and Letting Go- Ross Copperman // Paloma/Dani -- In the cafe, Dani asks Paloma what happened and Paloma mentions that she just wants to start a new chapter in her life; Dani's doesn't buy that excuse, or anything that came out of Troy's mouth. 
  • We are the One- Ross Copperman // Paloma/Dani -- Paloma and Dani takes the check to Connor, which gets Troy fired and kicked out of V3.
  • Turn Me Up- Carly Rae Jepsen Dani/Nico
  • The One- Ross Copperman Dani/Nico
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart- Bonnie Tyler Dani/Nico // Nico's feelings at the end of Season 2
  • Take a Chance on Me- Abba // Nico's feelings when Dani went back to Matt. 
  • Something That We're Not- Demi Lovato- Paloma/Troy  
  • Let Love In- Goo Goo Dolls- Dani/Nico 
  • Numb- Usher- Dani/Nico // Pre breakup
  • Poison & Wine- The Civic Wars - Dani/Nico // This pretty sums up Dani and Nico's relationship and denying their feelings for one another. 
  • Somebody That I Used To Know- Goyte -Paloma/ Troy // Paloma's feelings for Troy after realizing he had tricked her into rummaging through Dani's bag and getting the removable drive for him.
  • Nightingale- Demi Lovato -Dani/Nico // Nico's POV. Nico has a dark past and Dani is the only person who can get him to the light.
  • In Case- Demi Lovato -Dani/Nico 
  • I Hate You, Don't Leave Me- Demi Lovato- Dani/Nico // Dani's POV. Dani fighting her feelings for Nico, and she thinks that she can't trust him but she wants him so bad. 
  • On The Street Where You Live- From My Fair Lady
  • Roar-Katy Perry-Dani. No matter what she been through; her husband cheating on her and at one point: wanting to gain custody of the kids, She keeps trudging on, no matter what life throws at her. 
  • I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore- REO Speedwagon

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Daily Inspiration #122

 PICTURE CREDIT: Couldn't find the exact source that this picture came from, so I'm going to link it here, which was posted on someone's tumblr.

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